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Why Bloom Translation?

Why Work with Me?

Work Principles

I am committed and inspired to setting the standard for excellence, professionalism and efficiency as your ultimate provider of professional translation and interpreting services. I understand, and accommodate, the diverse language needs and cultural identities of Russian and French speakers.

In this world of digital technologies and “remote life” (read detachment) I stress the value of creating lasting, quality relationships with my clients and providers to guarantee exceptional quality of services and a caring, understanding and trusting client-provider relationship.

With a vast array of professional experience, from government agencies (DoD, FBI, FL State and Supreme Courts) to international companies (Cirque du Soleil), and an extensive list of private clients, I am confident I can provide the highest level of Russian and French translation and interpretation, as well as corporate services, allowing Russian and French speaking businesses and clients to establish their strong presence in U.S. Whether you are a company or private party in need to open your company’s branch, or just trying to find a proper school for your kids, I will be your reliable and dependable partner in reaching your goals.

Allow me to lead your project to success!

(FL State Court Interpreters Code of Professional Conduct)

  1. Confidentiality and Restriction of Public Comment
    All privileged and otherwise confidential information is protected and will not be publicly discussed, reported, or disclosed in any other way or manner. This rule applies to any type of communication, including attorney-client relationship.
  2. Professionalism
    I strive to provide the highest quality of language (communication) services strictly adhering to the industry standards and continuously investing in professional development and continuing education to stay abreast of all current changes and innovations in the communication industry. As a linguist by heart, I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping your active languages alive. This translates to day-to-day exposure to the languages spoken through various means: media, humor, professional and analytical material and personal communication. Being a professional interpreter is not a goal you can reach once, rather a continuous process of daily self-education and betterment. 
  3. Partnership
    (Once you become my client, I think of you as my partner) My clients and I are a team, working in pursuit of the client’s goals. I am there to provide the client with the best option that suits their needs and will allow them to successfully move in the desired direction. As a client, you are not only respected and valued, but listened to and heard throughout the whole working process. 
  4. Personalized Approach
    Through the years of experience, I came to an evident conclusion: the less the better. I prefer to diligently pick and choose the clients I work with in order preserve the ability to provide personal, concierge-level service to each of my clients. I believe in relationships more than business deals. I value communication more than the amount of transactions. I work with people, not tasks and assignments. Becoming my client will mean the start of a mutually engaging process of building a professional, dependable and trustworthy relationship for years to come. 
  5. Passion for the Work
    It’s simple: I love what I do. I take pleasure in every single linguistic puzzle I need to solve on a daily basis; every single client I work with enriches my linguistic spectrum. Having traveled a lot, studied and lived in different countries, I always knew one thing: language and communication has been the wave I’d like to ride. For you as my client this passion translates to working with a highly motivated professional who happens to be happy doing her job. Need I say more?

As an attorney practicing high conflict family law in Miami-Dade County, I engage with a diverse clientele.   The common element that runs through the matters with which I am involved is a need for engaged fellow professionals.  

Polina Bloom is just such a professional.  She is extraordinary, a genuine stand out.  Her skilled interpretation technique is reason enough to be grateful for her involvement; but her skill set far exceeds what she does; it’s who she is that is the game changer. 

In every single matter, Polina takes the time to know….and I mean authentically understand the client, their individuality, and their humanity.  When she speaks for them, she speaks with their heart, their fear, their truth.  Polina does this because she is fully invested, without reservation in the cause.  

Judges feel this difference. Juries feel this difference.  Of course, clients feel this difference.  That’s Polina, she’s the difference.  I recommend her without reservation or hesitation. Every time.  Every case.

– Richard J. Preira, Managing Partner, RCC Family Law

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