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Business Support

Business Support Services for French or Russian Speakers

Establishing Your U.S. Business with the Help of a Remote Business Assistant who Speaks Your Language

Are you thinking of establishing a business in the US? Is your native language Russian or French? Is your English less than perfect and you just don’t know where to start? Allow me to help you build a strong business presence in the US by showing you the right path and providing professional help you can count on.

Cultural awareness and understanding are by far more important than even speaking the language. You can hire a great interpreter, but what you truly need is a professional with a deep understanding of US business etiquette, cultural differences and overall corporate structure. That’s where I come in: coordinating all day-to-day business aspects, ensuring a smooth start and connecting you with a helpful network of professionals tailored to your company’s specific needs.

Legal and Financial Document Assistance

1.    Notary Public

  • Powers of attorney and apostilles 
  • Background check certificates 
  • Official records request from various authorities: IRS, courts of all instances, social security, department of state etc.


2.    Legal Entities

  • Registration of a legal entity
  • Annual report filing
  • Amendments
  • Dissolution
  • Merger
  • Tax ID numbers (EIN, TIN)


3.    Licensing

  • Occupational license
  • MTS (Money Transfer Service) license
  • Liquor License (import, export, retail)
  • Restaurant (business licenses, health permits etc.)


4.    Banking

  • Account opening/closing
  • Private banking
  • Investments
  • Portfolios
  • Credit cards


5.    Accounting
Oversight and coordination of timely filing including:

  • Tax returns
  • Quarterly reports
  • Accounting records 


6.    Office Space

  • Assistance in search for office space
  • Lease/purchase agreement negotiations on behalf of the client
  • Site visits and reports


7.    Identification Documents

  • Driver License/Florida ID card (appointment scheduling, gathering documents, escort to the appointment/driving test)
  • US Passport: application preparation, submission, appointment scheduling; escort to the passport agency in case of expedited request 
  • Russian Passport: application preparation, submission, appointment scheduling; escort to the Embassy for the appointment if needed 

Success Stories by Industry

Money Services Business 

  • Successfully filed and obtained a MSB license in the state of Florida
  • Extensive research in MSB license regulations in the following states: NY, NJ, TX and CA
  • Successfully passed the AMLA test (Anti Money Laundering Associate) and registered with FIBA (Florida International Banking Association)


Liquor Import Business

  • Completed full research on types of alcoholic beverages licenses in the state of FL and presented the client with a complete overview in his native language
  • Obtained an Alcoholic Beverage Importer license, filed with the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco of the state of Florida (AB&T)


Restaurant Business

  • Conducted extensive market research in order to evaluate proper location
  • Cooperated with company’s marketing director in order to establish company strategy, define clientele, and carry out marketing campaign
  • Assisted in property search and lease negotiation


Tourism Business

  • Successfully used previous experience in tourism to coordinate company’s operations
  • Negotiated several TO (tour operator) level contracts for the company, acting as their marketing manager and introducing the company to the local market and suppliers
  • Compiled a five-year company development plan that was later used as basis for company’s business plan

Polina translated for me on several occasions while representing a client who was most comfortable speaking in Russian. Polina was excellent – she was prompt, accurate, timely, and ensured that both my client and I were comfortable with our communications. She provided expert translation in court and did a stellar job. Polina is warm and helpful, and she is my first and only choice for Russian and French translation needs. Highly recommend!

– Andy Wilson Esq., Young, Berman, Karpf & Karpf, P.A.

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