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Interpreter and Translation Client Reviews

I have had the true pleasure of working with Polina for Russian interpretation in contentious legal proceedings including mediations and depositions, as well as attorney-client communications. I am consistently impressed with her professionalism, experience and preparedness. Polina is also compassionate and accommodating, which is extremely helpful in tense and adversarial situations. In fact, my Russian speaking clients request her personally and I am thrilled to share my positive experience with Polina. I highly recommend Polina if you need a Russian interpreter. 


I have known Polina professionally for many years and highly recommend her Russian-language interpreting services. Having a reliable foreign language interpreter is essential for ensuring accurate and effective communication, especially in legal proceedings. Polina is a highly skilled and experienced interpreter who is able to accurately translate between languages, while also being sensitive to cultural differences. This ensures that all parties involved in a legal proceeding have an equal opportunity to understand what is being said. Additionally, Polina is able to translate quickly and accurately, which helps to keep legal proceedings moving efficiently.

I highly recommend Polina Bloom as a professional translator and interpreter, specializing in the Russian-French-English translation and interpretation work. As a practicing attorney in Florida, I have used Ms. Bloom’s services on many occasions while working with Russian-speaking clients. I can attest that the quality of her written work product and oral interpretations is outstanding. She always delivers all of her projects on time, they are always done on a very high professional level and in accordance with all relevant industry requirements. Ms. Bloom’s ethical standards are unparalleled making her indispensable in the legal field and beyond. I am aware that Ms. Bloom is always in demand by attorneys, judges and many other professionals across many industries who require high quality Russian and French translation and interpretation services. I sincerely recommend Ms. Polina Bloom as a highly qualified and experienced translator and/or interpreter with Russian and French language skills. She is one of the best in her profession and I endorse her without hesitation.

I have been Polina’s client since 2012. I engaged her services for various reasons and always received a high quality service. Polina works with any type of documents, she is always mindful of all client’s requests and delivers on time. Polina was my interpreter for my American lawyer; her in depth knowledge of US legal system together with excellent interpreting ability helped me to resolve very important issues. I am very grateful for her professionalism, high quality of services provided and courtesy with clients.

Являюсь клиентом Полины 2012 года. Обращалась по разным вопросам, и каждый раз получала качественную услугу. Полина работает с любыми документами, всегда учитывает все пожелания клиента и выполняет всё точно в срок. Полина являлась моим переводчиком у моего американского адвоката, и помогла мне в решении очень важных вопросов благодаря превосходным переводческим навыкам и знаниям американского законодательства. Очень благодарна ей за её профессионализм, высокое качество услуг и чуткое отношение к своему клиенту.
Анастасия Л., Майами, Флорида

As an attorney practicing high conflict family law in Miami-Dade County, I engage with a diverse clientele. The common element that runs through the matters with which I am involved is a need for engaged fellow professionals.

Polina Bloom is just such a professional. She is extraordinary, a genuine stand out. Her skilled interpretation technique is reason enough to be grateful for her involvement; but her skill set far exceeds what she does; it’s who she is that is the game changer.

In every single matter, Polina takes the time to know….and I mean authentically understand the client, their individuality, and their humanity. When she speaks for them, she speaks with their heart, their fear, their truth. Polina does this because she is fully invested, without reservation in the cause.

Judges feel this difference. Juries feel this difference. Of course, clients feel this difference. That’s Polina, she’s the difference. I recommend her without reservation or hesitation. Every time. Every case.

I have had the pleasure and honor of working with Ms. Polina Bloom for the last ten years. Polina has the integrity, ethics and professionalism sought by any professional in the language field. She delivers consistent exceptional quality service whether it be interpreting or translation projects. I wholeheartedly recommend Polina Bloom and wish her the very best in her present and future endeavors.

I have known Ms. Bloom for five years through her work as a Russian-language interpreter in complex civil litigation for a Russian-speaking client involving parallel proceedings in both U.S federal court and the courts of the Russian Federation. She has provided formal interpretation for depositions, acted as interpreter for confidential attorney-client communications, and has provided document translation services. Polina not only possesses the professional attributes that make her a good interpreter—attention to detail, preparedness, responsiveness—she is also amiable and charming in a way that disarms deponents and opposing counsel, and is otherwise a pleasure to work with. If you need a Russian-language interpreter, in particular for civil litigation, I enthusiastically recommend Polina Bloom.

Polina translated for me on several occasions while representing a client who was most comfortable speaking in Russian. Polina was excellent – she was prompt, accurate, timely, and ensured that both my client and I were comfortable with our communications. She provided expert translation in court and did a stellar job. Polina is warm and helpful, and she is my first and only choice for Russian and French translation needs. Highly recommend!

I have had the privilege of working with Ms. Polina Bloom, an exceptional professional translator and interpreter specializing in Russian/French/English translation and interpretation services. Throughout our collaboration, she has consistently demonstrated her expertise and dedication. I can confidently affirm that Ms. Bloom is a highly skilled professional, particularly knowledgeable about court procedures in litigation cases or immigration interviews. Her commitment to ethical principles is unparalleled, ensuring the utmost accuracy in her translations. She takes great pride in her work and is a true perfectionist, evident in the exceptional quality she consistently delivers. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Polina Bloom as an exceptionally qualified and experienced translator and interpreter proficient in English, Russian, and French.

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