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Interpreting and Translation Experience by Industry


  • Courts, attorney-client conferences, depositions
  • Interpretation services for many civil, federal and criminal court proceedings

Hospitals, mental institutions, doctors, medical evaluation for Immigration, Worker’s Compensation, Disability

  • Interpretation and translation services in both public, private and penitentiary medical facilities
  • Accompanying clients to doctor appointments and assisting with scheduling, interpretation and translation
  • Translation for medical malpractice lawsuits


  • Interpretation services at asylum and family adjustment of status interviews
  • Interpretation services during ICE detention (while the client was being taken into custody)
  • Interpretation services at immigration detention centers, in person and over the phone
  • Translation services for a vast amount of documents for successfully granted EB-5, E-2, L1, O1, H1B visas

Law Enforcement
Police, detention centers, prisons, psychiatric facilities, P.I.

  • Assist local police with interpretation and translation
  • Work in immigration and criminal detention to provide interpreting between detainees and attorneys
  • Interpretation services for criminal psychiatric evaluations

Government (FBI, DoD) 

  • Russian language instructor for both the FBI and Department of Defense. Part of a team that provided cultural training for a NATO peacekeeping mission in Kazakhstan.

Corporate Business Support

  • Interpretation services for business meetings, from simple meetings with architects, engineers and real estate brokers, to a two-day board of directors meeting for the Prefect of Paris, France
  • Wrote marketing plans for corporate immigration purposes
  • Interpretation services for a business consultancy during a private two-day retreat. Assisted a large family business in reworking their strategy, goals, and governance, as well as defining individual roles and responsibilities within the company’s corporate executive management structure.


  • Money Service Business (payment kiosks, wire transfers, etc.) – organized and compiled filing for Money Transmitter License
  • Translation of licensing info from U.S. Treasury FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network), Office of financial Regulation of FL Department of State, obtained AMLCA certification (Anti Money Laundering Certified Associate)
  • Assisted a large private client in communicating with a US brokerage institution to transfer assets, complete all compliance documents, and compile a portfolio tailored to the particular needs


  • Interpreted for pilot and aviation engineer training sessions for the Ministry of Defense of Uzbekistan and National Security Service of Kazakhstan. Worked closely with the private crew of the President of Uzbekistan during long-term aviation training to ensure full and complete understanding of materials, and successful completion of final testing. 


  • Interpretation and translations of engineering documents and drawings for the firearms industry

Entertainment Industry 

  • Russian, French and English interpretation services to Cirque du Soleil in Florida
  • Simultaneous interpretation services for Russian-speaking hairstylists at the international convention Goldwell Color Zoom. This event gathered over 2,500 hairdressers from 30 countries.
  • Interpreter for Art Basel, annual international Art Fair
  • Interpretation services for a film production company throughout a two-week shoot of a family documentary; transcribed and translated over 24 hours of content


  • Russian interpretation services for the National Hockey League (NHL)


  • Translated menus from English to Russian for a cruise line


  • Russian tour guide in the Miami area

Polina translated for me on several occasions while representing a client who was most comfortable speaking in Russian. Polina was excellent – she was prompt, accurate, timely, and ensured that both my client and I were comfortable with our communications. She provided expert translation in court and did a stellar job. Polina is warm and helpful, and she is my first and only choice for Russian and French translation needs. Highly recommend!

– Andy Wilson Esq., Young, Berman, Karpf & Karpf, P.A.

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